Super Girl Fit Online

This very popular and personalized program is all about You and it is entirely online. 

Success is Yours because of daily contact with your coach, group wellness support, lifestyle and fitness on our VIP client support page.

What makes #SuperGirtFit different is the Holistic approach to your goals. Your lifestyle and choices determine your success so we help you create a plan that actually works with your real life!

This plan is simple to follow with options for individual needs. 

Support is KEY to your success. 

We have a safe and very supportive community on our VIP support page to have your questions answered, for you to receive group coaching, motivation and support.

You will learn how to manage your life to create the results you want most!

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Personal Fitness

This program is One on One!

Are you ready to begin but not sure where to start? Let us help you every step of the way. 

This one on one experience is best for anyone with specific physical concerns, needs or have tried and failed on other plans.

You will receive Individualized consultations to handle your specific questions, concerns and goals.

How to start...Much like the other programs once you register, we provide you with an on-boarding process with a series of intake forms.

Once your coach receives this information and then we schedule a personal appointment to meet with you via face to face in person or online video. 

Together we discuss options and come up with a working strategy together. This is where we decide what action plan works best to get you RESULTS!

We have a safe and very supportive community on our VIP support page  to have your questions answered, for you to receive group coaching, motivation and support.

This plan is best for those who need a little extra support, have specific physical concerns and want that personal touch.

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7-Week Online Challenge

This program balances and energizes your body naturally.

Do you basically know what to do when it comes to food and exercise but are finding yourself stuck in a rut?

This 7-week challenge will help you break free of what's holding you back.

Taking a Holistic approach to your health, fitness, food and wellness will set you up to WIN! This challenge has it ALL!

Fun Group Dynamic! 

Each week you'll get a list of suggested foods, mindset exercises, workouts, easy meditations and you'll learn how to bring yourself into harmony with it all. 

We know that fitness is not just about your body, but rather begins in your mind and is effected by your emotions and attitude. Let us help you dive into the parts of you that determine your ability to create lasting change...Your Energy Centers!

In this program you'll learn about the 7 major energy centers in your body and what they are associated with, what they assist with and how to tap into their wisdom.

Experience the power that comes from education and knowledge about yourself and finally feel more balanced, happy, whole and peaceful in your own skin.

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